Betsafe withdrawals to Neteller etc. not instant anymore?


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Nov 18, 2012
Hi all!

Last year I used to get all my withdrawals to Neteller at Betsafe instantly. It was always in seconds in my wallet on Neteller. Since a few months in this year, it is not happening anymore. They told me on live chat '80% is still instant', but I don't believe that. It might have been last year for me, but nowadays NONE of my withdrawals will be approved instantly.
Just curious if you guys still have instant withdrawals at Betsafe?

To make things worse, when I go to their live chat to ask if they could approve it because it isn't instant anymore, they always come up with the standard sentence 'sorry, you have to wait 24 hrs'.

Been playing for 8 years at Betsafe but because of this bad service my deposits go more often to Videoslots now where the withdrawals are paid each half an hour...

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Oct 3, 2010
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mine used to be instant as well,
but still my last 5-6 witdrawals have been paid within 2 hours :) not to bad