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Sep 17, 2023
Anyone else get this message tonight and has it been resolved ? My casino FS were awarded tonight But my game and vegas ones which were closer to the 200 mark haven’t. Last week I was missing the vegas portion and it was only by phoning did I get them and week before that the cash collect promo id been wagering on I was told cancelled halfway through after I’d put a large amount of money towards.My trust clearly is at a low point and as I can’t see any post of FB and X off them. so i just wanted to make sure it’s not just me


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It sounds like there are a few sets of rewards missing (at least two rewards on Games, the one on Vegas you mention, and at least one reward on Bingo) - possibly related to some ongoing issues with their recent platform migration.

They don't seem to be very good at communicating, and as you say in some cases you have to start chasing after 2-3 days or you never get the rewards at all. In any case it'll be something resolved during office hours so hopefully they'll get them all sorted on Tuesday.
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Urm they’ve credited me the spins I had from yesterday again on casino and are staying that I’ve. Not played in vegas site event though. I have about 50 transaction pages of play on the 8th. Head wall bash. Does anybody know can you request ( and I really mean demand. Your transactional data ie gameplay by CSV as i have nearly 700 pages of gameplay to to have to t eu and copy and then click next page every 10 spins all while trying to cross fingers that betdred don’t give me dreaded technical issues try again normally around page 80. It’s honestly the most unuser friendly system. And there IT dept should hang heads in shame they’ve clearly not user trialed it as any Sane person would scream
Had to chase again this week for the Spins ss not added to account again. And not receiving emails to tell me I’ve got spins. Have Betfted partially locked my account as it sure feels like it

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