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Apr 28, 2004
Anyone ever hear of this place? They are a sportsbook and casino.
Just wondering if anyone has had experiences with horsebetting there. The derby is tomorrow. ;)
They've definitely been around for at least six months, maybe longer - I hadn't heard of them until recently when they made the headlines after fighting off a DDoS attack - here's the item from Casinomeister News:


Raiders described as "gutless hacks"

Costa Rica-based is the latest online gambling site to survive a DDoS attack, according to Senior Odds Maker, Dan "The Man" Johnson.

"Luckily, we have a tremendous team of technical experts working for us and we were able to triumph over these gutless hacks," he revealed this week.
A denial of service attack overwhelms the target with information but does not usually result in the theft of data or other security loss. These kinds of attacks, however, can cost the target person or company a great deal of time, energy and money.

According to Johnson, the raiders demanded $50 000 for a one year "protection" contract, and were told in no uncertain terms that such a payment would not be forthcoming. When the attack commenced, the sportsbook's security strategy swung into action and minimised the damage.

BetCBSports is collaborating with the authorities and with other books in exchanging information and tactics for future defence initiatives.

A little more digging has unearthed the following:

Dan "The Man" Johnson is a sports broadcaster who is on the rise. With ten years experience in the industry, his credits include recognition for his work at NBC Sports, WQBR Radio, as the play-by-play voice of Wayne State University football and basketball on both television and radio, and as an editor and columnist for the Sports Confidential, a regional weekly sports magazine. Johnson has covered many major sporting events throughout the United States, and has gained a reputation as an honest and fair broadcast journalist, which has led to two Sports Emmy Awards for outstanding work in sports reporting and play-by-play.

Dan is currently working with Casablanca Sports as their Senior Vice-President for Sports and Media Relations and as their Senior Odds Maker. BetCBSports and Dan Johnson have recently been featured on ESPN and, the Chicago Tribune, the Seattle Times, and the Denver Post among many other media outlets.

If you visit the site's casino button there is nothing upfront unless you have a log in and ID.

Anyone kinow what software their casino is using?
Sports911 gives them a 2 on 1-8 scale 1 being best. The only books they give 1 to are about the 5 biggest books and they rank them higher then some big books like WSEX and Cris so I would say you dont have anything to worry about.

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