Bet365 Casino Still Down


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Mar 17, 2003
Bet365's Casino has already been down for more than 12 hours already and is still down right now.

I am wondering when they are finally going to get it back up. I have quite some money in there and they are totally not available right now :(
I can't even transfer my money from the Casino to anywhere else as the balance is now $0.00. This really sucks!

Bet365, if you're listening or if you're seeing this, PLEASE DO SOMETHING and get your Casino back up ASAP! It's unfair that all our money disappear and that we would have to wait till it comes back up before we could transfer our money to play some other game or etc.

Still waiting patiently!
OK, I just got a call from Bet365 after asking them to give me a callback.

They told me that it's actually PlayTech which is experiencing the problem and not Bet365. They said that PlayTech is actually working on the problem right now.

This really sucks! I have tried Kiwi Casino and it seems that their part is OK, just only Bet365's Casino is down.
Finally, they are back up already...

many asian sports bookies were attacked by DDoS. bet365 has recovered from the attack, but others still haven't work it out. the total lose was estimated up to 70M (RMB?).

According to the news from insiders, the hacker organization first attacked these websites 3~5 rounds and paralyzed them, then emailed the owners for $5000-$50000.
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