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May 19, 2008

Just want to inform you of a problem I am having with Bet365. I saw that they were new members (Playtech Online ).

I played the game Wall Street Fever which has a progressiv jackpot.
My game session was for approx. 4 hrs on April 30th. I only played this games all night on Bet365.

Since Im Swedish, I played the game in SWKR and the bet /line is 0.60 SWKR times 5 rows, which is 3 SWKR for the maxbet.
I understand that if the maxbet/row would have been 1SWKR/line and I choosed to make a lesser bet, like 0.60 SWKR my winnings would be less than stated in the winningchart.
Played the maxbet and noticed that I didnt get the sums of winnings as stated in the winning chart. So I tried several times to increase the bet/row to get the maxbet,but it was impossible to raise. Called their supportteam 2 times to reassure myself that I really played the maxbet, and I did according to them.
I did not have a jackpot, only smaller sums. For me this money is valuable, and I would like it back.:mad:

My point is, that I think that I should have been given the opportunity to make a maxbet and win, according to the winninglist of the game.
There were no possibility to change the bet/row to make it higher then the 0,60 SWKR.Also confirmed by the supportteam.
Also the jackpot is only payed out on maxbet. According to Bet365 the game will register maxbet for you as a player when the Jackpot comes..... BUT it doesnt register you for maxbet on any other winnings. Seems very strange... Or?

As a player I feel like I am cheated on my gameplay.
Every player knows that the winning chart is stating what you will win if you place the maxbet. (But not on Bet365)

Probably there is more slots on their site with this kind of problem.

I have mailed and called several times to Bet365 but been "fobbed off" with mails that make no sence. First it was explained that since I "only" played 0.60/row I couldnt get the winnings in the chart because you should multiply with 0.01. As I said earlier I understand that explanation, B U T I want to have the option of choosing to play the maxbet or not.
Next eplanation was that it was Playtech the sets the bets so they couldnt do anything. And so on.....

Latest mail I claimed my money back and now I do not get ANY answer at all.

They are using Playtech Gaming for the videoslot in question, so I have mailed their complaintofficer, Abigail Posen and got an answer that they have sent it on to Bet365.
My further mails to Ms Posen has not been answered.
So its really like a merry go round. They do not seem to want to take any action or responsibility either.

Hope that this information can be of value for anyone.


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Apr 2, 2007
Have you analyzed the history?

Andy - Bet365

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May 26, 2008
Hi all,

Firstly, I just want to make it known that I am an affiliate manager who works alongside Kate and not a customer service representative who can check player history, etc. I need to request that sort of information in advance.

I have spoken to the relevant departments reference this issue, and would like to clarify a number of points:

Firstly, the limits on Wall Street Fever, along with quite a number of the other Playtech slots are fixed. No one can change them, regardless of whether they play instant or download versions, regardless of currency, etc. The fixed rate in Sw.Kr is 0.60

Secondly, the multiplier is based on how ever many lines that are being played, so playing 5 lines on WSF will set the player back kr3.00

I have seen the number that you have quoted to customer service halanda, and if you multiply the figure you expected to win by 0.6 (your actual stake) you will see in each instance that it equates to your actual winnings. For example if you expected to win 600 you will actually win 360 as you are only staking 0.6

If there is anything else I can do, please contact me through PM here at or email me: andy.blackburn[/at\]



Andy - Bet365

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May 26, 2008
Hi halanda,

I understand from one of my colleagues in the Swedish Customer Service department that this has now been resolved.

I hope all confusion has been clarified and you continue to be a valued player with us at bet365.

You have my contact details, so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any other issues, queries or questions.