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Mar 11, 2005
Who has the best poker first deposit bonus? Anybody know of any good ones? I'm looking for a poker room that has a good quality first deposit bonus offer??? I already have played at Bo Dog poker. Any help much appreciated :D

Also USA has to be allowed :)
I think that most poker affiliates have an exclusive offers which are usually better than standard bonuses. So I'd suggest you to browse few aff. sites to find the best one for you.
i only still play at FTP every now and then:
they have solid software, big playerdatabase, lots of pros to challenge, all sorts of tourneys and freerolls, and when i joined, i got 600% fdb, i think thats pretty ok.

plus they offer you some playthrough bonuses, every now and then, without the need for additional deposits, you know, where you need to make full tilt points to set free parts of the offered bonus.

my tip:)
I see you're in the U.S. so that limits your choices greatly. Of the U.S. sites the ones with the best bonuses IMO rank as:

Poker4ever (almost 100% rakeback bonus) on Everleaf as many other Everleaf do. The network is mostly micro NL games.

Full Tilt is 36-57% rakeback depending on the limits you play.

Cake is the same as Full Tilt except if you get rakeback there the bonus clears at half the speed.

Bodog's bonus is about 30%.

Poker Stars is in the 20's%

You could play on AP/UB but.....

Merge Gaming skin bonuses are typically very poor, in the 10-20% rakeback range but if adding rakeback to that makes it around 50% and the bonus isn't deducted from rakeback.

When considering bonuses the only two things that should matter are percent of rakeback the bonus represents and quality of games. A 10000$ up to $1,000,000 bonus isn't going to do you any good if it clears at 10% rakeback.
Thank You

Thank You guys for the great info!!! Iv'e looked into some already. Yeah being in the US is tough these days :(

Thanks again, much appreciated :thumbsup:

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