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Jul 19, 2005

While I understand that this is for casino complaints, I do think it should also be used for praisining a casino and hope no one minds me doing so.

I today returned from vacation (No I havent been away with Bryan :eek2: ) and had an email from River Belle offering me 100% match on 150. Booted up and depsoited and claimed.

I got an email saying I had missed the promo as I was too late. I investigated and found I was 8 minutes late. While I was late and could have NO arguement of they hadnt given it to me I went to live chat

Hello , an agent will be with you shortly
You are chatting to andrem
andrem : Good day, how may I assist you?
: Hi. I entered your promo number 7425. I was EIGHT minutes late depositing. As John who replies on Casinomeister knows, I have been on vacation and having trouble logging on. Could you please award me the bonus >>??
andrem : Do you mind waiting while I access your account details, please?
: No problem, thank you
andrem : Hi Carrie, this promotions expired about an hour ago, but we will be granting you the match bonus. This will be credited to your account within 2 to 3 hours
: WOW Many thanks.

Now if that doesnt deserve praise I dont know what does. :lolup: :lolup:

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