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Mar 10, 2005

They WILL give anyone an account there! I just proved it by opening a student checking account. Why is this so odd?

I have a NSF record on ChexSystems (Payin that off next month - long story), as well as having shitty credit (Mostly huge medical bills).


I can't wait till they start the "give everyone a credit card" program as well. Maybe I can get my credit back in order. :thumbsup:
credit for illegals now

B of A announced new credit cards for illegal aliens, in other words, Mexicans.
No social security number needed!:confused:
B of A announced new credit cards for illegal aliens, in other words, Mexicans.
This is not true. The majority might be from Mexico, but we have many others in this country that have overstayed their temporary visas.

This could become a major issue for now, the people that feel the US interferes with their countries are open to home grown and paid for terrorist acts. We could actually be funding them in these acts. How insane has this country become? Legally funding illegals vs illegal playing online cards in ones own home??..the mentality is just too much too comprehend!
Don't forget the persecuted (supposedly) gay Iraqi who was seeking asylum in the US and got it by order of the courts. What's next?

BTW- my daughter cannot get a credit card although she has a full time job at Dresser Industries. She's been there 5 years but they say she has no credit history. It's all absolutely moronic IMO.
trips, it's hard to get a first credit card. Usually a student card, or a card with you as a cosigner. Or even a card secured by a savings deposit. After you get that first one, credit is established, and things are easier.

And BofA has an interesting "problem". It's already bought just about every bank it can in every market it can. It's starting to bump against federal regulations on how big you can get by acquisition. Any future growth will need to be organic (student accounts, undocumented aliens, etc).
I read that the bank says you have to open an account with them first before you get the so called alien card...with all the usual hoops to jump thru first.:)
This will be interesting. I applied for the BoA card, and was denied. I just shot off an email asking them why I, being a natural born USA citizen with a spotty credit history, cannot get a BoA credit card, but yet illegal aliens can get one without even providing a SS#. I also asked how they plan to check the credit of those opening accounts without a SS# as well. :cool:

I'll update everyone once I receive a response :thumbsup:

PS: I could care less whether or not they give me a credit card. I'm doing this as an experiment, and to dig up more information regarding this matter.

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