BAD experience with Casino Titan


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Aug 9, 2009
When the hell will I learn?
I received an email saying I had a free chip for $37.00, BUT I had to download from the advertisement which I did, and uninstalled ..and reinstalled again and free chip.
Then today I received an email from an Ally Brown, acct manager saying my acct was credited for the $37.00. I again installed the caino..NO CHIP!
Contacted CS who asked me to forward the email which I also did, it is now 13 hours after my sending this email, I went back into the casino found once again no chip, contacted CS who told me to send the copy of the email from Ally.
After going through all this BS I finally told them I would be making a deposit in another casino because of the way they handled this matter and to remove my name from their email list.
In 1 month this is the second time I've had a problem with free chips, first from Lucky Creek when I won $525 from a free chip (by the way I never did receive that money!) and now this
I just don't get it..if they give you a free chip with no intention of letting you claim it or anything you win..why bother at all..don't they realize what bad vibes tis gives people..or realize what word of mouth can do?? :what:


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Sep 17, 2009
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Casino Titan

Casino Titan used to be one of the best RTG casinos out there, But since they were sold off they have now gone down hill. This was the only RTG I would deposit at and play frequently when I felt like a change from Microgaming.

Check out the Accredited list, There are some good RTG casinos listed here.