Aspinalls is now Playtech!


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Mar 29, 2002
I just got an email from Aspinalls welcoming me back to try their new software suite, turns out its playtech (my fav). Looks like they're offering pretty good signup bonuses ($200 match).
That's correct - Aspinalls is managed by Golden Palace, which is also in the process of changing to Playtech I understand.
It's strange. You've been able to download the Playtech version of GP for more than a week if you knew the link. From the regular site you still download Cytech.
Is this an invite only download?? What's the link??

I'm anticipating the OPA's official announcement that GP is OPA approved!!! Weeeee!!!!
Oh damn! I forgot, the OPA doesn't make announcements anymore. No newsletter. No message board. No webcasts. No nothin'.
According to Alexa: Avg. Traffic Ranking: 350,496 - Other sites that link to this site: 29

Ho hum...
So is Aspinalls considered a rogue too, like Golden Palace?

Bryan, I got the d/l right off the website for aspinalls if that's what you're referring to, though there was a link in the email.
Aspinalls used to be right? I played there alot. Then they changed to Aspinalls and I couldnt buy a win. I closed me account moved on years ago. I wouldnt trust them with Playtech then the man in the moon.

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