Apparently Sheriff Gaming slots could be rigged (good job they went under!)


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Feb 10, 2012
Court documents from a case in the Netherlands involving the now defunct Sheriff Gaming reveal some shady going's on in their back end. A programmer for the company shed light on some hack's in the company's software that allowed the owners of the company to rig the slots so that friends and family could win jackpots!

The ruling also contains a transcript of an interview with a Sheriff programmer who claims that the company’s slots jackpots were technically engineered never to pay out. However, a glitch occurred when customers switched their betting stakes from €2 to €1, which did allow slots jackpots to become temporarily available.

The programmer claims that the above glitch triggered a jackpot on at least one occasion, which the programmer said made a redacted name “very angry.” Dutch media have reported that this unidentified individual was none other than Stijn Flapper. The programmer also claimed that this jackpot winner never received full payment on his lucky strike.

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Jul 29, 2014
Very interesting thanks conker.

Sadly not a surprise. Many online companies have been caught cheating in the past and many will try in the future. All we can hope for is jail and money seizures when caught, as they surely will be eventually. Glad to see it happening this time. I played some of Sheriff Gaming's slots and they whipped my ass :(. I will enjoy reading about these people going to jail!