Anyone for Spades?


Just one more spin pleez!
Hi everyone. I enjoy spades a lot and I used to belong to an online spades group that played for money. It has been a good few years but they have closed the doors and I have lost my spades partner.

I love cut throat spades also. I have been a member of another spades online service and it is very lonely over there. Is anyone interested in playing online? I sure would love some competition and or a new partner.

Hope to see a few over there. Come join is nice to take a break from the online casino world....this gives you a breather at a lower cost ;)



Dormant account
If you are talking about spadester you will stay very loney :)

I love spades, specialy cut troath but i havent found any respectable place to play for money.

So i play for ratings at hardwood ;)


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