Anyone come across Tullys Gold?


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May 29, 2004
Received a request to review them for my site but its a new name on me, and also being proprietary software, i tend to steer well clear unless they are a brand so unless i hear glowing testimonials, I'll probably decline. However, it looks a bit different and it aroused my interest to find out more.

Two points that particularly inspired me to find out more: they are based in the Isle Of Man which is a fairly strict regime (though the licence is under the jurisdiction of Curacao) and the casino is one of these "Be The Dealer" type operations.

One or two things of concern however: certain pages on the site seem less than professional and also certain pages point to info on another domain ( which is major smell-a-rat stuff to me. Also, a Google search for "tully's gold" casino brings up a grand total of zero results...but they may just be brand new.

The casino is at - wondered if anyone knew anything about them? They are not mentioned on the forum here anywhere, nor are they Rogued or Accredited by CM.


Simmo! is registered to a Ms Tully at a private address in Warrington, to a different person at some kind of bussiness park nearby. The domain was only created on 26 May, 2005, yet there are already pages of testimonials from very satisfied players. :confused: It looks like every Be The Dealer site has the same testimonials, with the name of the casino changed when necessary. Make you own judgement about this practice. I don't think there is much point reviewing this casino.

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