Anyone been paid by TonyG Poker?

Any updates to this? i was thinking of signing in, but have read a couple things like this, ill wait till i make sure its good.

Only Cashout Method Still Available @ Tony G

Tony G Poker

*The only way possible to withdraw your funds from Tony G. Poker at this time is by doing the following:

1) Transfer your funds to Tony, his player id is Tony G
2) Once the transfer is complete, send an email to detailing the amount you transferred, your player id, and one of the three accounts you would like your funds transferred to: UltimateBet, FullTilt, or PokerStars - also giving your player ID on the site you want your funds transferred to. (If you dont have an account at one of those sites, please click on a banner on the left and open a real money account at the one of your choice).

Regrettably, there is no banking option open at this time since everything is being closed to USA citizens and the governments strong arm tactics of protecting our borders from poker has removed yet another freedom.

I want you to know that I will do my best to guarantee payment to you and keep your faith in dealing with me. You can check back here for updates.

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People have reported elsewhere, success getting paid (or at least, getting their $$ out of Tony G. Poker) with this method.

I too, would assume that the other sites will not care for this method of withdrawal from Tony G. Poker. But I do not really think it's BS myself. Even for the other sites it's not all bad, they get funds on their sites from active real money players looking for a home?

As far as FULL TILT goes. The players with $$ on deposit there, have their funds stuck on the site, circulating through the rake. With withdrawal options limited to MyWebATM (very suspect at this point, and not quick), or a snail mail check (25 -35 days with no guarantee. Now thats BS). It's been more than a week though, since I looked into FTP withdrawal options.

If I had money in FULL TILT, I would appreciate it very much if one of their 'pros' would transfer my $$ to an accredited site like PokerStars for me. At least PokerStars is not having any problems - whatsoever, paying their players.
This isnt BS. You are actully lucky that Tony its doing this. He was just the name of the site which was a skin of games grid. Tony thought about his reputation and attempted to help the players on his site. Unlike some other sites that have deposit methods but no cash out methods.

Also the gift2go visa u can get a walgreens work on alot of sites. $.5.95 per $100. Make sure you get correct one. It is in yellow package only says gift2go in small print on back. NOT GREEENDOT

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