Any recommendations?


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Jun 24, 2001
I'd like to ask, from the experience of gamblers at online casinos, some recommendations for reputable online casinos. Casinos that payout within a reasonable period of time and don't screw their players.

Right now I'm looking at cityclub casino.
Any past experiences to share on that?
This casino with new software by Playtech. There is no till now reviews of players...

I can recommend to you Bossmedia casinos too.
There are no problems with payment and they seems to be fair.

I recommend Winward Casino.....they are extremely honest and I never had any problems with them at all...their true strength relies in their Customer Support which is outstanding IMO....
My favorite is OMNI, It takes a while to get your money, but it does come, and the checks are good, on further checking they are registared to MGM grand, I'm not a casino spamer,I've played at Kiwi and William Hill and they use the same software but Omni is the best. Daddy

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