Any Canadian Casino's?


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Mar 1, 2004
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
This question would probably be best aswered by Bryan, but if anyone knows of any online casino's that are registered corporations in Canada that have their actual servers and casino operations licensed and run from a legal online gaming jurisdiction such as Costa Rica or Belize or any other. I thought that I had read something a while back saying that Intercasino was a registered Canadian corporation but I can't remember if that is the one I read about. I'm only interested in any that have legitimate government licences from a legal gaming jurisdiction. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Not sure about the logistics but i know while i was researching recently "Crazy Vegas" casino allow you to play in canadian dollars which may be indicative of operations?
Maybe what you heard is that cryptologic is traded on the TSE (toronto stock exchange) under cryp.

Does that make it Canadian? Not sure.


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