antigua gaming?


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Jun 12, 2006
Hi all
Has anyone had much experience with the director of offshore gaming in antigua.
I have to make a complaint to them and was just wondering if anyone had experience with them good or bad,
I would be very interested in seeing how you get on with an Antigua complaint, Lucky21 because in my personal experience whilst mediating various cases over the years I have found them extremely unresponsive. Even emails direct to the director are largely ignored.

I have to smile somewhat wryly when I see the Antigua government making a big noise in the media about their jurisdiction's relationship with the U.S. In my personal experience when it comes to giving aggrieved players a hearing regarding disputes at online casinos licensed by them, they suck.
Let me know if you hear anything. Antigua, like most offshore licensing entities, are set up primarily to host online casinos, and that's about it. They do not handle player issues.

Once in a blue moon, Antigua will actually get involved. But I haven't heard of this happening too often. Have you tried calling them??

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