ALOHA CASINO is not friendly with any payouts



I have requested a withdrawal/redemption from Aloha Casino back on 10/16/00. To this day I have not yet received my check for $92.00. When I called, they sound bothered by my inquiry. They advised me that it should take 4 weeks via regular mail. I don't know anywhere in this world that takes 4 weeks for the Post Office to deliver! So I waited for the 4 weeks. I called again and their answer was "I'll send you the information via email." I never received the email. I then email them back making a comment about the lack of service on payouts. Here is their response that upsets me, "HAVE YOUR POST OFFICE RESEARCH THE CHECK." They should know that if you don't send it certified mail or overnight service, there is no way to track it. I am very upset with ALOHA CASINO and will no longer recommend them or use their website.
Dear Anonymous,

If you want any assistance at all, please don't post as anonymous. No one can help you without knowing what your user name or email address is.

Regular mail from overseas can take anywhere from 4 weeks to 2 months.

Next time request payment by fedex/UPS or western Union.
Ah, but that depends which countries you are talking about. I live in Germany, and mail from here to the states takes about ten days; mail from the states to here sometimes arrives in three to five days!! But that is first class mail. Packages are a different story, books 4-6 weeks, world class mail (cds etc.)two weeks, priority mail 3-5 days.


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