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May 19, 2005
vallauris - france
Hi everybody,
I'm in troubles with that unscrupulus casino. My withdrawal was accepted on march 23rd. After they received the various photos they asked for (Id, Credit Card...), they sent an e-mail saying that they have sent a bank draft at my adress. But I should "allow up to 21 days for the Bank Draft to reach you by regular mail." One month later: nothing. I used their online support and explained my query. I was answered that there should have been a misunderstanding. They will send an e-mail to the account manager and will personally get in touch with me.... At least ten times. And, of course, nothing. I guess they have financial difficukties. Beware
I thought these guys might have reformed since their Futurebet days with Indio Casino, but if they're pulling this BS then perhaps they have not.

There's no excuse for delays in banking instruments - these fellows have all the international banking facilities of a first world country at their fingertips and this is just not acceptable.

Since I don't think Playtech have their new disputes system up and running yet I would suggest you immediately PAB the Meister on this one - you've been patient enough.
Scum is as Scum does! These guys can't be trusted as far as I can throw an elephant. If you must go with Playtech , then the best advice would be to go with Kiwi Casino.. as they have earned Bryan's respect, and are committed to doing what they have to to remain on the Accredited list.
Ive played with African in the past and not had a problem. They offered me an extra 10% on my cashout if I used the online atm withdrawal method...I forget what its called "myatm"? I thought it was strange and declined. They payed to my Neteller shortly thereafter.

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