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Oct 11, 2006
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I won 300 plus dollars 2 weeks ago.Asked what I would have if I cash out(taking away bonuses,etc.)and was told 277 dollars.I said ok and called 3 days later.They said I said I should have money on Monday, the 13 of Nov.I called on 13th, they said Neteller wouldn't release money.I called neteller, and they said that wasn't true ,called back casino & they said well I didn't meet withdrawel requirements.Called several more times and got run a round.Called today ,and told them I heard they were not paying anybody so put my 277 dollars plus bonus back in my acc.I said I might as well play it because they wern't going to pay me anyway.Dwayne said "OK".I asked him to e-mail me within next 30 minutes with how much I had to wager to meet requirements for bonus. He didn't and I lost. I don't believe I would play at African Palace Casino if I were you.
Yes, this is a casino everyone needs to stay away from. This group includes African Palace Casino and Indio Casino. I have been hearing complaints for a while now from the old software and the new playtech platform.

I thought they were going to clean up their act once they got the new software, but crooks will not change! Sorry you got taken, hope you have better luck and win some more back :)
I have been waiting to get paid for years.

At one point they said: if you take us off your blacklist.

Doesn't work that way. :)

And I am not the only one, the same happened to other webmasters.

They are on many blacklists. And that is where they belong. :p
g robert willim said:
I don't believe I would play at African Palace Casino if I were you.

Y'know, there's a really cool search engine called
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What you do is enter the name of a casino and do a search on it. You never know what might pop up. You can use this information to make intelligent decisions on who you want to give your money to.
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