Affiliate Lounge - Predatory Terms and Conditions


Jun 22, 2005
Affiliate Lounge is the affiliate program for the following casinos:

Betsson, CasinoEuro, and Cherry Casino

Affiliate Lounge have decided to re-write their terms and conditions to affect all of their affiliates without warning. The changes within their terms will reduce their marketing partner's income (increasing their profit margins).

This is considered, by AGD, to be a breach of their contract with current affiliates and a very predatory set of updated terms.

Does this mean they are in financial trouble? We do not know. It does not bode well for their partners, though.

Please see the full set of changes at:

Link Removed (invalid URL)

Thank you.


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Mar 31, 2005
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No commentary on here apart from the initial notification. However there is a very long thread on the GPWA concerning the predatory terms and conditions that Affiliate Lounge have implemented.

Any small to medium size affiliate should check out Affiliate Guard Dog and the link provided in the opening post. As if you do currently promote Affiliate Lounge YOU WILL be adversely affected by these term changes.