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Carol Kap


Originally sent 8-4-99 Concerning Ace In The Hole offshore casino
Please forward this to all Owners, Managers,the Credit Department, and any others involved, and please respond to my e-mail, letting me know that you received this. I will also forward it to any e-mail address I can find for WorldNet gaming.

To Whom it may concern,
After playing in Ace in The Hole casino for several weeks and taking one cashout of $700.00 (of which 650.00 was applied to my credit card and I never received the other $50.00) I hit three red 7's in slots (for $8,000.00) and at that time I requested a $9000.00 cash out. (July 5th). On July 11th I was playing in Super 6 lotto, when I hit 5 one's on 4 cards with a full bet. I had been playing there regularly and the Jackpot was up to over $12,000.00 (X4) So my win was aproximately $50,000.00 Needless to say, I was very excited!!!!!
Since that time, I have made close to 100 phone calls to your customer service department trying to arrange to have my winnings paid to me. Finally, I was told that I would be credited back what I had charged on my credit cards (less than a $1,000.00) not only for Ace in the Hole but several other Worldnet casinos I had played in. And at that time my Ace in the Hole account was closed.
Today I was informed that I would not be receiving any more than this for my wins. No explanation was given other than possible fraud!!!!!! I wouldn't know how to commit fraud if my life depended on it!!!!!!
Apparantly your casino doesn't want to pay me the money I am owed. (over $74,000.00) and does not pay it's winners!!
So.....if I do not hear anything positive in the next 24 hours I will explain my situation to everyone I know, starting with people that I know that play in online casinos. I will ask them to forward my story to everyone that they know and so on. I will also be forwarding copies of all my correspondence with your casino, and copies of all my wins to the Gaming Commission in Costa Rica. If this is the way your casino deals with customers that win.....I'll make sure that everyone I can reach will be aware of that. If I can't get any satisfaction from my wins, then I will get my satisfaction from letting as many people as possible know just what kind of casino you are running.
Hey , try Interactive Gaming Council.
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Look for Sue , she cahelp.

Also look for "The Shrink" he can help too.
at Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
Sue will not help unless the casino is a member of the IGC. And the shrink, well he needs one
Hey , Sue will help even if the casino is not a member of IGC . She did hleped me before and the casino is not a member of IGC .

No prizes for the correct guess .....
The casino is First Live.
It's 8-12-99.....have they responded? If not, I think everyone should send an e-mail to them letting them know we will spread the word expotentially around the net. Does anyone have a list of all the Gambling Forums on-line?
Re: The Shrink..he actually is one..gave up his practice for the online excitment of casinos and wagering. :)
Got his license suspended is what happened to him.
His online gaming reputation is as bad as Mr. levy
I followed up on all your suggestions, I have not heard from the casino yet....not holding my breath.
Re: Shrink feed...Ricky you say he lost his psychiatrist's license? Wow..all reports and interviews I've seen state that he was dis-enchanted with the changes taking place in his field and had left voluntarily..
Just to be curious I would like to know more.
I read some articles about the Shrink and some of his legal problems. I will research it, find those articles and report back to you.
Sharon, Who is this Shrink you are talking about?
Where can I learn more about him? Is he for real?
Marriage? Eeeek...I just got rid of the last husband...i sure don't need a new offense to Ricky of course...on second thought are u single Mike? LOL

jeablue- the shrink the is the guy who owns this site..
Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
go to Link Removed ( Old/Invalid) and do a search on The Shrink. Look real hard and you will find some interesting things.
how dare you I only have eyes for Jeablue even though she is 43 stone and has a big bushy beard!!!!!!!!
but I believe Frank the stud williams is on the look out for a foxy babe as he and his wife Helga are going through a rough patch.
or possibly steve who has given himself a trendy new title it would appear
***Jeablue i have just checked and you havent entered my latest offer so I will designate a score for you check your email*******
Thanks Sharon, I will check it out.
Hey name? kinda like it.
I will also check out that site Steve..oops make that Starnet Steve.
Sharon, Mike sounds like a cutie, But you know those englishmen, they have a *stiff upper lip* if you know what I mean.

shy wave at lasvegashitmob. *cheshire cat grin*
Heh heh....I wouldn't dream of trying to sweep you away from Jeablue :)
Today has surely been an interesting day has it not? I wonder what the rest of the weekend will bring? :)
Have you noticed how everyone wanted this forum to be run better. So Bryan went to all the trouble of adding the members section. And now everyone still posts here. Not even the members post there. What gives? Are we all just public posters?
Anything Steve Can Do? I missed that one!
I changed my name so that Starnet could not find me. HEY STARNET.....CAN YOU SPELL HONEST RESELLER PROGRAM?
Frank, Mike and I were in members only and you made a guest appearance Steve >,grin<, I have noticed one thing..since the members only thing started there's been less nasty posts in the public area too :)
ha ha ha click on steves last posting email, that about says it all i think. i was going to email you steve but when i clicked on your name and saw your email address pop up, i laughed so long i forgot what the hell i was going to ask you

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