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Account Registration - looking for advice!

Discussion in 'Casinomeister's Poker Room' started by Reply, Feb 14, 2006.

    Feb 14, 2006
  1. Reply

    Reply Dormant account

    Tell me please! If during account registration, I`m used, fictitious name just to try to keep my confidential information in a safe. After a short period I won there 500 USD, without any bonus programm. Can I change my account information and try to receive my funds or I`m forever most wanted and most stupid criminal and cheater?
    Thnx a lot.
  2. Feb 14, 2006
  3. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    It depends where you registered. Read their Terms and conditions to see if this is covered anywhere.
  4. Feb 15, 2006
  5. Chatmaster

    Chatmaster Dormant account

    Online Marketing Specialist
    South Africa
    Reply, is this your poker account or your banking account? If you make use of something like Neteller... :eek: I sure hope it wasn't your neteller or other banking account! In any case, if you expect to get paid via check or Wire Transfer you will most definitely have a problem proofing your identity.
  6. Feb 15, 2006
  7. pokeraddict

    pokeraddict Webmaster

    Pro Poker Player
    Las Vegas
    I am guessing this is money won in a freeroll or money transfered from another player? I cant think of any way you could create a fake name for a poker room and fund it unless your country does not have strict regulations and you were able to open a bank account under fake name too. If your poker room account and payment method both have the same fake name then I dont guess you will have any problems, if bank info has your real name and poker account fake I am wondering how you funded the account to begin with unless it was transfers or freerolls.

    I seriously doubt a poker room will let you change the name on an account. This would leave them and players open to fraud.
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  8. Feb 15, 2006
  9. Reply

    Reply Dormant account

    I`m won earnest money without any payment (deposit) played only free rolls, headups and ordinary texas hold`em poker games. I`m took a prize place playing my first free rooll. After that I played only free rolls, headups and ordinary texas hold`em poker games. Besides I saved all information with time, dates and etc., about my played tournaments and money prizes.
  10. Feb 16, 2006
  11. buck

    buck Experienced Member

    Midwest USA
    Acount Registration

    SOL (Sorry out of Luck)
    You got the free rolls by being a new player. So you basically got a bonus under a false name.

  12. Feb 26, 2006
  13. Genenco

    Genenco Dormant account

    Washington (For now)

    Well...I hate to say this, but coming out of Russia, you have 2 strikes against you...Just donate the money and next time, be honest. Heck, you have proved to yourself, you can win...:D
  14. Feb 26, 2006
  15. managra

    managra Dormant account

    After just having read the other thread here about the major cheating scandal, i really don't care whether you get your money or not. Perhaps you should have also thought beforehand how you would get the money if you ever won. If 99 % of players have no problem divulging their true personal information when registering, why can't YOU? Frankly, none of us particularly LIKES giving out personal information but it's part of the deal. You treat the pokerroom/casino honestly and hope that you will be treated honestly in return. When registering, a new player signs off that he agrees with the T&C and that the information submitted is true and accurate. And just because it's done over the Internet, it's still a contract.
    It's actions such as yours (be it deliberate or just stupidity) that creates problems for others, possibly for other players from Russia or for other players period. Because of the major cheating scandal, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that pokerrooms will request much more information, such as ID documentation, when registering and certainly when withdrawing funds. It probably will become a pain in the neck to withdraw funds and it will take much longer. Then, they will discover that the cheating and lies were even much worse than they ever thought and lots of underage kids playing at the pokerrooms. Then there will be more stringent requirements placed on players just so that pokerrooms (who are now consolidating and going public) won't have major exposures on their hands.

    I sincerely doubt the pokerroom will let you change your registration name and is not likely to pay out your winnings. If so, let this be a lesson to you and sign up with future pokerrooms in accordance with the pokerroom's requirements.
  16. Feb 26, 2006
  17. sweetdenny

    sweetdenny Experienced Member


    Have just read you post and the point you make about poker rooms askign for more details and probably requiring id when you register will make withdrawals take longer. This is not correct as if they are forced to take id when someone signs up this should make the withdrawal times faster as no id will be required and the line that is often touted about security checks etc must be done before will no longer be used. So i say bring on all the security checks before signing up the only people affected by this will be the room operators who will no longer be able to let anyone play then only ask for id if they win. If we as gamblers cannot manage to wait a day or so to gamble then we have a problem. Also if this is brought into effect it will be amazing at how quick rooms can suddenly process our id checks unlike at the moment where it can take weeks for this information to be processed when we withdraw. If they have to procees the id checks before we can deposit im sure they will have the processing time down to days or even hours. This major poker fraud can only do the industry good if these changes are put into effect and then we can finally get what the industry doesent want us to have INSTANT WITHDRAWLS.

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