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Sep 12, 2004
I'll be as brief as possible. If I leave something out that you want to know, just ask. Advice is needed. I don't know what to do next, if anything, other than not playing there anymore. I am hurt, offended, insulted and down right pissed off.

1. I've been playing at this RTG casino several times a week for quite some time.
2. I always use NETeller, never CC or instacash.
3. My deposits are usually $25 or $50. I usually don't cash out unless I reach a balance of $150 or better.
4. I very rarely used a bonus here. They stopped sending me promo emails sometime last year. No biggie. Software denies any coupon.
5. I was showing a very slight profit at this casino for the last year. January, however, I lost around $500 in deposits, with no cash outs or bonuses. This, as best I can tell, puts me in the red.
6. I've edited the names out of the emails for privacy and because I want objective opinions about this before I name the casino.

I've cut and pasted the email exchange so that you won't have to read bottom to top to get the sense of it.

From: Me
To: customerrelations@xxxxxxcasino.com
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 12:41 PM
Subject: Account status -- Me


I play regularly (almost daily) at XXXXX, I very rarely ever used a bonus. XXXX XXXX EZBoard forum had a promo for 30% cash back for January. XXXXXX (board owner) informs me that according to feedback from the casino, the bonus has been denied because my "account is not in good standing". Excuse me??? My concern is not that the bonus was refused. You can look at my account and see that I rarely used them even before you stopped sending me your monthly promo emails. My concern is that my account is flagged for some reason unknown to me. I would appreciate some clarification as to what's going on with my account and why.

Thank you,

ID: Me


From: Customer Relations
To: Me
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 4:59 PM
Subject: Re: Account status -- Me

Dear Me,

Thanks for contacting us.

Deposit and free bonuses are a way to encourage players to keep playing in a regular basis and basically to help them win by making their balance bigger. Since you've cashed out almost all of your deposits, its been determined by the Promotions Department you do not need of promotions to be able to make a respectable profit. This is the reason why you're not able to use the promotion you mentioned.

I apologize for the inconveniences this may cause to you and also take the liberty of reminding this is not a permanent measure.

Kindest Regards,

XXXXXXX Customer Relations


From: Me
To: Customer Relations
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 1:24 PM
Subject: Re: Account status -- Me

Thank you for your quick response, XXXXX. While I have had some luck at XXXXX in the past, January was not a good month for me. I don't even get a free pack of your wonderful coffee? LOL At any rate, I do take exception to my account being flagged as 'not in good standing'. That fairly shouts bonus abuser, or cheater, or someone who makes chargebacks or other things that the casino considers disreputable. I rarely used bonuses even before my account was flagged. Perhaps simply tag accounts such as mine as 'no bonuses' or something similar.

A side note here. While I am very well aware that an online casino only bears a very vague resemblance to a land based casino, I make the following observation: Whether I win or lose at my favorite land based casino, they continue to send me offers for free hotel rooms, free meals, and cash. And as my patronage is obviously appreciated, and I enjoy their casino, I am a loyal player.

Once again, thank you for your prompt reply.


From: Customer Relations
To: Me
Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2006 5:32 PM
Subject: Re: Account status -- Me

Dear Me,

Thanks for your kind words.

I want to let you know that we'll take your suggestions into consideration. We struggle to improve and offer you the best service in the industry.

Kindest Regards,

XXXXXXX Customer Relations

Again, it's not about the bonuses or lack thereof. I'm upset because I am a loyal player who is flagged as "account is not in good standing" because I've shown a little bit of profit -- in my mind, very, very little. Is this a common practice?? How many players have been flagged thusly and never known it? I realize the casinos are in business to make a profit. But for them to bring this down to an individual player basis makes me sick at my stomach.

There is something wrong in the online casino industry. Very wrong.
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Not surprising

I am not surprised because this casino is probably run by some marketing firm with not much knowledge of gambling so they can only think that players will lose overall if they play without bonuses which is completely untrue. If you go with the better casino groups they would send you lots of gifts for regular play and won't care if you win or lose.
I wouldn't care the for 'account not in good standing ' label either !! Just because you have been lucky enought o cashout some of your own deposits? I wouldn't be very happy .
There is something wrong in the online casino industry. Very wrong.

I agree.

Mousey, I know which casino it is. And I'm pretty upset myself reading your correspondence. It's one of the casinos that I always had some faith in. It seems that every single day there are fewer and fewer places to trust, and I agree with your feelings 100%.
Well... I'm sure I know who you are reffering to. There's only 1 Casino so far who sends out coffee to anyone at all. LOL...

Anyway, I'm sure the "not in good standing" part was either a mistake or the only have 2 things to put on their system. 1 = good standing or 2 = not in good standing.

I'll check with them about it and I'll let you know what I find. Or perhaps get them to answer you directly, mousey.
Account not in good standing

This same thing happened to me at the same casino last week. Our mistake was in showing that we're not some potzers who are going to lose consistently. These casinos want losing gamblers , not educated ones who can possibly win on occasion.
So in essence, we're guilty of winning.:D
I didn't need the coffee reference to know which casino group this was about:)

Don't feel bad Mousey I'm not eligible for promos at one of their casinos either. I guess they don't realize that eventually the casino will get their money back. They won't get it from me since I stopped depositting there awhile back. It's a ridiculous rule-you can only claim bonuses if all you do is lose.
Oops! Neglected to edit out the coffee reference. I truly meant to keep any reference to a specific casino out of the emails.

Any casino has a right to decline bonuses. I very, very rarely use them at any RTG casinos anyway.

However, I find it insulting to be labeled as 'not in good standing' when I haven't done anything wrong.

To me, this issue speaks volumes as to just how players are regarded (in general) by too many online casinos. If the player isn't losing on a consistent basis, s/he is not wanted. Period. The player may be tolerated, but not courted. Player loyalty means squat.
Since when was luck a criminal offense?

"Not in good standing" - This is what gambling is about, some will lose more than the house edge to the casino, others will get lucky and end up ahead at individual casinos. This casino should be named as clearly it treats loyal players who are simply lucky as verging on the criminal. It is not as if bonuses were used to create a profit. This casino seems to want players to lose to the house edge or more, without winners to balance the figures. Since they are not interested in winners, nor even small losers, take your custom elsewhere to a place that will praise the luck of the winners as well as comiserate the misfortune of losers, but above all will treat all players as equal in terms of the opportunities to gamble and win that they offer.

Here in the UK, a fruit machine was made where you could either lose, or win back your stake. It was impossible to win anything from your play.
It lasted less than 6 months as an idea:D

The motto is that gamblers expect to be the lucky ones that win. If they know from the outset that winning is simply not tolerated, they will soon get bored and look elsewhere for a genuine opportunity to gain from taking the risk of a gamble.

As for me, I will buy my own coffee, and play where winners are congratulated, and sometimes given gifts to help them celebrate.
The label "account not in good standing" is very offensive particularly since you have been a loyal player there for over a year who rarely used bonuses. I would stop playing there. In fact, knowing how they treat loyal players, i would rather not even start at this casino. Heaven forbid what might happen if a player has a big win at that casino.

Since i haven't played at any RTG yet and haven't paid much attention to them, i don't know which casino this is (seems i'm the only ignoramus here). I think at some point you should name it. It will help newcomers to steer clear from places such as this.Thanks to reading forum threads, i have been able to avoid quite a few pitfall casinos.

Somewhere in the deep recesses of my brain I recall a post by a current/former RTG manager who explained the casino's take on this subject. Essentially, the casino wants to keep 75% of each customer's deposits (IMO you're then "in good standing"). If you should win more than 75% of your deposits, then conversely you would be "not in good standing." This reference on your account does not have anything to do with you except that you win more than their 75% comfort zone. Hence, no bonuses or enticements are given to encourage you to deposit more money as you have demonstrated an ability to win without them. Of course, if you really care to be in good standing with this particular outfit, just deposit some cash and promptly lose it -- but that would be counterproductive wouldn't it?
What a stupid rule. I mean, if a slot player wagers 20.000$ with a good result, he'll get no bonus, while if a blackjackplayer wager the minimum amount to get bonus and cash out only half her deposit - she get bonuses.

It's like if I should leave a table with horrible poker players just because I happen to lose, and go to a table full of pros because "hey, I won against those guys the other day!". Makes no sense at all.
Suzecat: Thanks for the info. If keeping 25% of each individual's deposit is indeed the goal of this casino group, they should change the payback on their games. But they seem to want to keep it very personal. They want 25% of MY deposits -- not just an average take from all players -- but 25% (or whatever) from each individual player or the player is 'not in good standing'. I find that kind of creepy.

Brian: *ahem* Even though everyone knows which casino I'm talking about (because I goofed up and left the coffee reference in), I said I would name it, and I will... :D

Sci Fi

Customer service has always been on the ball. Cashouts are fast (except for the week I had more than $2000 in withdrawals), yada, yada... I've played here often without any problem at all.

But I don't like being regarded as little more than pond scum, so I'll take my little deposits elsewhere.

Thanks to everyone for your opinions, comments, and advice. :)
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Mousey said:
Brian: *ahem* Even though everyone knows which casino I'm talking about (because I goofed up and left the coffee reference in), I said I would name it, and I will... :D

Sci Fi

The coffee reference buzzed right past me - I guess you can tell I prefer to buy my own :D

Oh goodness! Begging the Meister's pardon... :notworthy So sorry about mangling your name. I do know better, BrYan. :D

And I agree... I'll pick up some Starbuck's next trip to the grocery. INetBet gets all my RTG deposits now.

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