AC Casino.... The true rogue


Dormant account
Dec 27, 2007
These are a sister site of the infamous pamper casino.

Obviously they are rogue anyway but this experience is rather mind baffling and confirms it.

Previously I have made posts regarding the Uk stance on identification. However more than 90% of casinos have either honoured my birth certificate or have accepted a picture of myself holding the birth certificate (the only casinos that havent accepted it have been typically rogue where people have bad experiences daily)

Anyways. AC casino offered a free $46 chip. I played it... met WR with $300 in bank. Because the max withdraw is $46 I played it down to that amount and made a cashout request.

The then told me the bonus amount is non cashable. So I played again, doubled my balance and made the withdraw request.

Heres where it becomes more interesting..

They asked me for identification. I sent in a copy of my bank statement and of course my birth certificate.

I got a long reply saying it couldnt be accepted and also

"We process withdrawals and pay hundreds of people on a daily basis. Before we can proceed with any withdrawal request, the customer is required to send the government issued photo ID (driver's license or passport)"

So they specifically are asking for a drivers licence or passport copy... No can do because of reasons posted in other threads where I have neither.

I kindly explained to them the UK laws where there is no government ID and to get a full driving licence/passport is costly and nowadays quite a long process. I asked management to review that who then posted....

"Your case has been reviewed by management as well and due to the fact that we have received picture ID's from people located in the UK and that you should have some kind of government ID, we cannot proceed with your withdrawal unless you send it to us. The reason why we ask for this information is to make sure the account matches with the person we are going to send the money to. "

That is probably the stupidest thing I have ever heard any casino tell me...

So because other people who have played there can drive or do have a passport its instantly believed that everyone in the UK drives...thats a no brainer

and funnier still they say they ask for it to make sure the account matches with where they are going to send the money to.

If it was purely on that reason then surely my moneybookers email which is with my isp and contains my full name. Bank statement which confirms my name and active address and birth certificate which also confirms my name and address and DOB would be enough

Once a rogue, always a rogue.... be warned ;)