Abracadabra Casino - will I ever get paid?


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Hi - I'm new to post here.

The reason is simple - I'm looking for some guidance with a cash-in at Abracadabra Casino.

I deposited $100 (not for any bonus) - played BJ a few sessions and cashed out about $250 up. But that was back in Sept, since when I have faxed numerous documents, sent many e-mails and even phoned CS - but still no payout nor agreement to do so.

Is this usual?

Will I ever get paid?

(Just today I received a promotional e-mail from Golden Palace signed by an Anthony D'Amico - a mirror image of a promotional e-mail received a while back from Abracadabra - presumably they are related - can I go to them for help?)

Thanks for any help


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Could you post a URL for the casino. Thanks!


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Hi Bryan

Tried to send you an e-mail but it was errored as too long.

In brief I have contacted Live Help at Grand Online Casino (following another promotional e-mail signed by Anthony D'Amico).

They were very helpful, could access my Abra account and we have agreed that I should fax confirmation of the address to which a payment should be sent (apparently the reason for the delay).

On the basis that none of my e-mails nor faxes have specifically confirmed this information before, I have taken this at face value and hope to see the matter resolved.

Naturally I will keep you posted either way.

Thanks for your interest in this matter.


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Its finally time to update the situation here.

Abracadabra have paid up my winnings, less $10 (presumably some sort of charge for processing the cheque! - I'm in no position to argue, am I?).

It has taken from 26th Sept until now, a long list of e-mails, several phone calls and a number of live help sessions (via the web site of Grand Online - part of the same group it would seem) to finally see this through.

On the basis that Abracadabra casino is inextricably linked to Grand Online, Golden Palace, Aspinalls (where I have had a similar problem with lack of replies to e-mails etc), Flamingo & Goldnugget casino's, I would personally think twice before depositing with any of them.

Thanks for your help.