A great person that helped many.Roberta Kaman, Fidelco Co-Founder, Dies


Nurses love to give shots
A great person that helped many.
She will be missed.
My Thoughts & Prayers go out to the Family.& Friends of Roberta Kaman
God Bless
What a great Foundation Fidelco is to have around.
One great place Roberta Kaman helped was Oak Hill School for the Blind.

Roberta Kaman, Fidelco Co-Founder, Dies

Roberta C. Kaman of Bloomfield, a well-known breeder and trainer of guide dogs for the blind, died early Sunday at Hartford Hospital after a long illness. She was 74.

Kaman was the president and co-founder of the Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation of Bloomfield, which has placed more than 1,300 guide dogs with blind and visually disabled people throughout North America. Fidelco was considered important within the guide dog world for breeding a line of German shepherds for leading and assisting the blind, and the group also developed "in-community placement" of its dogs, training guide dogs and owners in their home area.

Kaman became interested in training dogs in the late 1950s when she attended a dog training class in Manchester. After she met her husband — helicopter pioneer Charles Kaman of Kaman Aerospace of Bloomfield — at a German shepherd club in New Haven in 1960, the couple bred shepherds for guide dog schools and police departments. This hobby grew into Fidelco in the 1980s and Roberta Kaman was the recipient of numerous awards from the American Foundation of the Blind, the Lions Club and other charitable organizations.
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