Sad - Lost our Best Friend


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Mar 31, 2005
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Sorry for your loss. The Big is rather bitty, I am guessing The Big is both her attitude and her heart. Thank you for sharing your video. She had the best of doggy lives with your family.
Having previously owned Big Dogs ie Labs, it was based on the fact she was small LOL. It kind of stuck when we got her as a puppy. She learnt that was her name before Jess :D


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Jun 30, 1998
So sad - :(

It's awesome that she was in a household as warm and loving as yours.


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Jan 30, 2017
I know how you are feeling right now as I just had my best friend put to sleep on Sunday, it's still raw. He had a cancerous tumour on the base of his tail, completed his first round of chemo but since Friday on his walk, he had not been himself. Took him to the vet on Sunday and he had no feeling in his back feet and they think he had a stroke, he stopped eating and drinking too so it was his time but it doesn't make it any easier.

I am trying to remember all the good times, I know he is free from pain now, try to remember you did the ultimate act for him, he is free from pain now running free once again - take care x


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Mar 19, 2008
Lost a very close relative to cancer a month ago,got me thinking about life a death a lot.I am not religious in
any way but am convinced death is not the end, just part of the cycle of life and only the end of a physical existence.
We go on in some form, whether its being reborn or carry on living in some alternative dimension, may sound silly but
the odds of life ever evolving in the first place are impossibly small,it shows how little we know.
Sorry if that sounded a bit off topic but I think your doggy is out there somewhere,a big daft puppy with its new mum
getting ready to cause chaos with its new family.

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