Profound Moments (Faith in Humanity Restored)


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Apr 27, 2009
the land of snow and maple syrup
A bit like the 'Today I feel good because..."
Today I Feel Good Because... - Casinomeister Forum

But rather, what have you seen that invigorates your faith in humanity?
2021 is, sadly, much like 2020. And it can be a struggle to 'find the good'.

So a thread for uplifting examples of people being good.

Was reading a thread where a barber shaved his own head as he was shaving another dude's head because of cancer and drew me back to a personal experience.
My mother had cancer and lost her hair. My aunt - her sister- had proudly worn hair long, long, past her ass most of her life, but shaved it all off so my mom wouldnt feel alone. Still tear up to this day.

So, a thread, that shows the kindness of people out there. Vids or links, articles, personal stories.

Have at 'er.