9:50pm toronto time here


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Just wondering how your all doing on the slots tonight hope your all hearing those bells ring away. Let me know where your playing and time of day and where from. How do you tell im bored.
good luck all

GGW Laurie

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10:30 p.m here in the south, gonna play at 3- dice a bit then i have to go to bed, atleast casinomeister says i should be getting ready for bed pretty soon:D...............laurie


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8:50 p.m. Here

in the vast Mojave desert California............CM sez Good Evening, so I am good to go.........pity I can't deposit being in USA and all:D


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We are exactly 12 hours away Lauram. In Hong Kong it was 9:50 AM when you posted. Fyr the time zone here is GMT+8 hours.