$500,000.00 Because of GONEGAMBLING.COM



I have to give it to Gonegabling.com being the best place for month bonus and a great chance to win something great.
I won $500,000.00 Yes that US dollars

because I'm a member of GG.

I stop playing at 7 Saltans Casino awhile back, but because Gonegambling pick them up as a sponsor, I started playing their.

I'm Very grateful that I did. I won on the Treasure Niles $500.000.00

lol WyldGirl your just like me. ive done that too. digging up from the grave 5 year old threads like they were written just yesterday. gotta admit thou its funny :)
All I can say is 'mtc591' is enjoying life.
Congrats on a July 6th 2002 thread. :lolup:
Hope to see a BIG 2010/2011 Winner soon.
Good Luck to all.


This reminds me that I wish for a popup...

"You are replying to a pre-Civil War era thread. Continue? Yes/No"
You must not be in the USA because I don't know any micro games with a jackpot that big for us??

So, exactly HOW did you manage to drag up this ancient thread in such a way that it looked to you like it was current, and thus you replied.

This dragging up of very old threads happens more often than it should given how deeply buried old threads become. I am sure some defect in VBulletin is presenting these very old threads to members as though they are recent material, and their age is going unnoticed.

One OBVIOUS problem is that threads, no matter how old, are never "locked". Simply locking a thread after xx months of inactivity would make it impossible to bring old threads back to life, and would draw attention to the member trying to post a reply that something wasn't quite right, which would make them look more closely.
Now you know I was bored!! GG down and all!
I have no idea how I found it but hey it does bring back some memories of a time we all cashed out now and then!

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