50 cent BlackJack


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Jan 4, 2004
Hi all. It's the cheapo gambler again. As I continue to conquer the world of online poker, I have worked my courage up to try some casino games. Can anyone recommend a reputable casino that offers 50 cent (or less) BJ? (Don't make fun of me... I gotta recycle to get my gamblin' dough!) Thanks.

Lasseters has i believe 2 cent blackjack games. They are also regulated by Australian government so are safe.
Try stanley casino group. They offer 50 cents BJ with some card penetration so you can even count cards.
Their sign up offer is great as well. If you have tones time, It's almost impossible to loose if you wager only 50 cents on their sign up deal. :thumbsup:
I myself just bet big and scored a few hundreds more instead. :D

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