3dice Holiday Video


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Awesome babs :thumbsup:
Wish I was there too, it looks so festive in the background and I'm sure you will have a blast there. Good luck and win big!!!!!


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You looked real lovely and all Christmasie there Babs...hope you have some good luck and WIN BIG !! :thumbsup:


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Thanks! Hey ROb.....The corvette's gone!!!! dagnabit:mad:
I havnt won but what I lost isnt alot either. My money is lasting even though no cashouts. One thing Im not happy about is that they changed all the wheel of fortune machines to 5 quarter instead of 3 quarter!!

Its kinda dead here so atleast I got to play let it ride at $5. We're having a nice time. We watched a couple of movies in the room too. Very chill atmosphere:D