Bonus Complaint €2000 Lost - Casino won't allow me to continue playing when my WR is at 92%

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Aug 13, 2017
Hi guys, you are experts in this sort of field so I hope you could advise me on the case because casino right now is trying to screw me over... I have no problem losing money when I gamble and lose. But I can't accept losing money when I gamble, win and then still lose money because of untrustworthy practices and technicality.

Short version: I have deposited 500 euros, unknowingly activated 100 euros bonus. Managed to raise it up to 2000 euros. Tried to withdraw money. Go a message if I wish to withdraw I should cancel any active bonuses first. I did. All money disappeared down to zero. Why? Because there is a €3500 Wagering Requirement. And turns out later I was only €3250 in which is over 92% done. Casino doesn't want to reverse the cancellation of bonus to let me keep playing until I hit 100% by winning or losing.

Longer version: I'm not a professional gambler, I just wanted to try my luck with 500 euros an the
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online casino. I created account, deposited €500. I was asked to select Bingo or Casino. I selected casino because I wanted to play blackjack. When I logged in to the game I had €600. This is where my nightmare began. Turns out that previous option was a bonus selector, not a category selector. Anyone who played at Bet365 knows that you have to select a category where you want to put your deposit. So they gave me 20% bonus.

Ok, I'm playing the game. At this point I'm completely ignorant about bonus rules, and wagering requirements because there was no clear warning of risks of accepting their "promotion". I wouldn't be surprised if there was a hidden hyper link somewhere with "T&C apply". I know that ignorance doesn't hold much water, but it's relevant to why I lost money in the end. I had a good night, turned those €600 into €2000 by going all in few times. That's it, I had a goal if I hit 2K I'm out before I lose it all. I go to withdraw, select the amount, and get a message that I currently have a bonus scheme active. If I wish to withdraw funds then first I have to cancel the bonus. Note that this point NOWHERE did it say that I will lose all of my money including my original deposit if press this cross. If it did know that, I would have stayed the hell out of it, it's like "if you want to lose all your money, press here". I clicked the cross to cancel as instructed by the message to withdraw my funds. And I get a "payment error" message. I was confused, checked balance. It shows zeros.

When I checked with customer service just to confirm money is on the way, they said that my account is not KYC verified yet. So probably that's why I couldn't withdraw funds. I thought ok. I have sent relevant documents. 2 days passed, I got confirmation that I am verified now. Still zeros. I contacted support, had a long chat back and forth. Turns out that because they gave me that bonus, it turned my whole bankroll as bonus. I have lost all my winnings by attempting to withdraw them. There was a €3500 wage requirement before I could withdraw my winnings. I checked my account history, I have wagered €3250... I'm not going to argue over how it makes no sense that 20% of bonus, turns other 80% as casinos money automatically and why "canceling" is even an option then if you lose everything. So to break it down:

€500 - Deposit
€100 - Bonus (20%)
€2000 - Won and tried to withdraw.
Why withdraw now? Because I set a goal that after 2K I'll quit. At this point still ignorant about whole bonus fiasco.

€3500 - Wagering Requirement
€3250 - Wagered (over 92% of requirement)

Canceled bonus. Why? Ignorance. The message prompted that's what needs to be done to withdraw funds. Nowhere did I even suspect that it's auto lose button.
€2000 turned to €0.

Support says that they won't allow me to complete the wagering requirement because of "programming complexity" involved in requesting a foreign team to reverse my decision to cancel bonus, and also since they are not allowed to either. Support representative will "try" to see what could be done and contact me later. I somehow doubt they will give a positive answer. Sorry for the long post, but this is my situation.

I'm not a sore loser who cries over that he lost his money. I'm a lose loser who cries that he's losing the fairly won money over a technicality. I only needed to bet another €250 to get that money and now they are refusing to let me keep playing. If whole bonus rules were clear and in plain sight, I would have avoided them like a plague. Equally if there were any clear warning that should I cancel the bonus then I lose ALL of my winnings plus my original deposit I definitely wouldn't press it. This whole thing was awfully misleading and feels like a scam to be honest. I accept the responsibility that I unknowingly suckered myself into the bonus. But this is the most disingenuous part that feels most like a scam when they basically say:
-"You clicked cancel bonus button because you wanted to withdraw funds? Well too bad, we won't re-instate your bonus and let you play where you left off. Why would we? Even if you lose your bet, you'll still get €1750 from us. So we'll just deny you from keep on playing all together. No no it's definitely not simple to reverse it to the same state as it was to let you keep playing."

If they refuse me in keep on playing with my fairly won €2000. Or decide to strip me of my winnings and show "gesture of good will" by refunding only the original deposit. Do I have any options guys? I want a fair change to try and hit 100% Wagering Requirement.


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Aug 25, 2004
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€3500 - Wagering Requirement
€3250 - Wagered (over 92% of requirement)
Since you say you were playing Blackjack, I guess the wagering you've stated was all done on that?
If so, you have done NO WR as only slots count towards it at this casino.

Sorry to say, this looks like another case of DRATT (Didn't Read All The Terms) :(
I don't like to be harsh, but you deposited €500 - but when you went to the game you say you did see your balance was €600... THAT was the time to stop and ask questions - not after placing wagers.
All casinos I know of will remove a bonus IF the player hasn't placed a single bet. But you did bet, so I think you are screwed.

This term is pretty clear:
17. Players can request a withdrawal of their deposited amount prior to meeting the wagering conditions. However, the Casino Bonus amount and winnings will be forfeited.

I think a "good will gesture" is your only hope here.
You could try a PAB - but to be honest I think it will fail, based on what you've said.


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