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Sep 14, 2016
Hello newbie here and I have read a few threads so realise I am stuffed/naive/stupid etc.
I still have a couple of points/questions, if any experts can answer.
Full story and questions as follows. I am in the UK btw.
Never been on an online casino as I am a sports betting enthusiast. Was looking to back Paul Casey in the golf last weekend as I had a large bet on Dustin Johnson. It was down to a 2 "horse" race. Oddschecker showed 32red had the best odds in running. I quickly signed up in a hurry to catch the price. Deposited £50 and blindly took the £160 bonus. I then realise i'm in a casino and can't access the sports betting with a bonus DOH !!
Never mind I decide to quickly lose my money playing some slots and blackjack etc. DOHHHH
Anyway first night I quickly dont lose, so assuming it's rigged to eventually lose before I play the bonus through I retire to bed. Current status over £1000 with £100 bonus still to play.
Next day I carry on playing slots to burn the money.
Lo and behold I eventually consume bonus and still have over 2K "cash".

Now this is where I have my questions as opposed to complaints (All my fault)
1st of I had a small bet on the sports site with no problem. Therefore that site assumed my money was good. It lost.

I then try a withdrawal which gets rejected because I have been playing without reading the T&Cs about £6.25. Fair play no complaints. You dont read its your fault.

My point is if i knew I was getting hit with the scenario of my 2K+ being returned to bonus status and a fresh play through of 40x !!!
Should I not have requested a withdrawal ?
Could I not have simply ensured a few "losing real money bets on the sports side" that were flip of the coin style while wagering the opposite on a betting exchange ? I had access to the "real funds" as proven by the losing sports bet.
So if I had gambled all 2K+ without ever requesting a withdrawal would this never see the light of day ?

What would in theory happen if I had bet all 2K+ on a winning sports bet returning 4K+ ?

Wish me luck in my new quest to bet over £80,000 in under £6.25 chunks.
If i am to stand a chance I suspect I will still be hitting buttons in 5 years time :eek:
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Mar 13, 2008
I suggest you join the 32Red Slotmeister tourney. On the meister beat page, click on the tournament listing.

You are lucky you were playing at 32Red. Most casinos would deny your winnings and only return your deposit.

Since most slots can spin about 600 or more spins per hour, 80K won't take you nearly as long as you might think.

Make sure you enter the 32K wager race as well, it costs nothing to enter and you will be playing anyway.

Best of luck to you. Now you know to ALWAYS read the bonus terms when you take one.

BTW, it is only the first deposit bonus at 32Red that has a max bet attached. There are not many casinos that offer that.


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Dec 18, 2014
Slots on 'Quickspin' will run at 1300-1500 spins/hour. 80K @ 6.25 : 1500 = 8.5hrs.

That should be quick enough! :D

Agree with Jazzy, any other casino would have confiscated the winnings and given only your deposit back, if that much.

If you have any questions contact Mark via PM, he is very active on this forum:

Please in the future when you have a complaint follow the rules of this forum which you can read on the top of this thread. :thumbsup:


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May 4, 2006
Contact the rep as said. Viper allows the casino to set fixed bet limits to bonuses and 32Red explained that they wont use it because it may deter (theres probably a better word) some customers seeing the low limits. They also said that if betting over the limit has been "in good faith" there would be no consequences. So a classic win-win situation.


Nov 27, 2012
2000€ at 40x wagering is like a 1000€ deposit at 100%, not that bad of a deal actually since it means you did gain 20x your deposit in terms of "real cash". Granted you take the 2000€ and dont fight for either your 50€ back or the 2000€ I suggest you hit up 2-3 low variance slots and just grind it out. Going for the 243 might seem tempting and could in like 1/20 cases give you 10k€+ but I say stick to the low variance and try to grind it out.