"You cannot gamble your way to riches.."

You cannot gamble your way to riches.
Bull shit, that professor you quote is a moron. - Ask Doyle Brunson or Chris Moneymaker about gambling your way to riches...

I would also like to point out that no one gets anywhere in this life without taking a few chances, you know gambling...
Hi Ian go and thanks for posting this article. Somebody please ask that Professor of "BUSINESS" if he considers playing the stock market as gambling. And if so, how would he explain the Billionaires that have "Gambled their way to Riches" therein?

Sheesh!!! No wonder the dumbing down in colleges goes on and on with these kinds of Morons teaching the classes.

Have have a good one.
With that general statement, what does that Professor have to say to someone who won a multimillion dollar jackpot on a State lottery?..."Oh...that's different??" Gambling is gambling..whatever venue you take. I would have no doubt in my mind he may have been "buddy buddy" with one of the bill's co-sponsors, or held the same ignorant views.
Or even opening up a Business for that matter....Even that takes some form of gambling...You are taking a gamble that you have the right location or that you have target marketed correctly or that you have an honest staff, etc, etc.

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