Yggdrasil slots and prog. jackpot questions


Troll - PITA
Mar 20, 2016
1. I like the concept of the Viking go Bergzerk slot and wonder are there similar slots from Yggdrasil but with better paytable? Which are the most volotile and with highest potetnial from Yggdrasil? Dont wanna try all slots and find out myself.... Love to be able to store winnings like in VGB when you having a winning streak and when you are short on cash you can bet small and getting alot back when you trigger the bonus round with huge bets winnings stored.

2. Which prog jackpots (over €10,000) at any slots triggers most often? And which jackpots are only independent and not network connected? Any good suggestions if I wanna bet around €1/spin? Liked the very old random "Lightning strike" jackpots from Starluck/PartyCasino millions years ago...won them often around $1000-$4000 which triggered several times a day.
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Jun 4, 2017
I would say sherlock holmes and the stolen stones, i write from my mobile device, i will later explain why this slot...