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Mar 29, 2002
Well it looks like Virtual Casino has yet another child to add to the list. In addition to PartyCity casino which reared its head last month, a new one just popped up called Sword Casino. This one offers a 150% bonus on your first deposit (with 10x wagering requirements, ouch!). And just like PartyCity, when you read the terms and conditions, you find them referring to themselves as Virtual Casino throughout the rules.

I still haven't played at any of these 3 casinos yet and don't plan to until I start hearing some positive reviews. Any takers?
I found about eight or nine of them! But every time you download they all come up as Virtual Casino, so you have to keep your user name and pasword written down beside casino name. You can have an account at all of them but you need a different user name. You can only use each bonus code once even if you get offers from all the casinos. Read the promo very carefully they tend to be very complex. My wife signed up for free $50 no deposit and had to get to $250 to cash out.
She played until she had $350 and cashed out. When she called about her money they told her she
could only cash out for $50. They told her to play the rest out because it was worthless. We found it in the fine print so be careful. They did pay. I had similar bad experience because I used same code at two different casinos. It is hard to remember what code you used last week at a different casino. It's odd that now you put up your money and gamble, when you win you can't celabrate until (or if) you get paid. Which is usually a week to 2 months. Sorry no positive about Virtual, but did read they will buy your vote!!!!!!!

Can you give out the names of all the virtual casinoes. I thought I had found them all. The lastest one I found was Just Win posted here. If its not too much trouble could you list them. thanks.
Wow, I never thought there were that many of them! I know of just the 2 that I posted.

Their fine print is very complex and doesn't seem to make sense in places. Particularly when it talks about cashing out the bonus money after you meet the wagering requirements. My rule of thumb is, if I can't make sense of the terms & conditions, then I won't play there. Although their promos are very attractive sounding.
Just a few,there is more but I don't play there anymore so I threw list away. Anything I download if Virtual Casino comes up I delete it.
Well, here's another one that just reared its ugly head from the virtual casino swamp. Its called "Just Win Casino". They've started their spam campaign for this one already, just got my first mail today. As usual, it says virtual casino in all the rules.

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