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Withdrawals Showing as Reversible

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by thetic, Jan 24, 2007.

    Jan 24, 2007
  1. thetic

    thetic Dormant account

    Project Manager
    Not going to name casinos but I have had 2 microgaming casinos this week where I have contacted CS to ask if their is anyway that a withdrawal's status could be changed from Reversible to Being Processed (or whatever they call it). Both said no, it was not possible.

    I do not necessarily want the payment any quicker but just wanted to remove the temptation to reverse a healthy withdrawal and lose some/all of it. I know that some of you are thinking that maybe I shouldn't be gambling if I can't leave for 24-48 hours without reversing it but sure others out there who have won 2k, left 100 to play with and then reversed once they have lost this (all figures hypothetical and not related to my case!).

    Is this standard practise or am I getting BS from CS with regard to it not being possible? I have read the term "Flushed" elsewhere and thought that this was what the poster (maybe Simmo) was referring to and it was possible. :what: :confused:
  2. Jan 24, 2007
  3. vinylweatherman

    vinylweatherman You type well loads CAG MM

    STILL At Leisure
    United Kingdom

    You should contact CS and ask if they can "Flush" the pending withdrawals. If they say "NO" ask why. This will rule out any possible misunderstanding that CS may have about your request.
    There are some casinos that refuse to flush withdrawals altogether (Roxy Palace group), some that have a tiered policy based on VIP Level (Casino Action, but may change soon), and some that will flush for any player once they have provided the valid ID on a first withdrawal (Jackpot Factory).
    If your casinos are in either of these groups, this could answer your question.

    Not reversing is a discipline you should try to master. It is better to deposit into a different casino for a change of scene rather than go back to one you have decided to withdraw from. This way, you will always have that withdrawal to come for play another day, and should not end up having lost everything, only to see a great promotion come along at the weekend.
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  4. Jan 24, 2007
  5. thetic

    thetic Dormant account

    Project Manager
    VWM, thanks for the reply,

    I went onto one of the casinos which I am now willing to name as River Belle (I know I promised not to play here after the Gift Rap fiasco but hey ho, needs must) and asked if they could flush the account. This request was rejected because they can no longer flush accounts!

    See transcript below;

    Please wait, an agent will be with you shortly!

    You are chatting to Chereez
    Chereez : Hi there, and welcome to our live chat support.
    Me : Hello Chereez, Can you flush the withdrawal I made yesterday.
    Chereez : Do you mind waiting one moment while I access your account details please?
    Chereez : One moment please.
    Chereez : I thank you for your patience Graeme.
    Chereez : Please note that we are unable to have your account flushed Graeme.
    Me : why is that?
    Chereez : Please note that it is an automated system that cannot be bypassed,
    Chereez : we use to have this system in the past,
    Chereez : however this has been taken away a few years ago.
    Me : ok, thanks for your help anyway, not too happy about this. As a responsible gaming organisation, if you were going to remove part of the system may have been better to have removed the reverse withdrawal period rather than the ability to flush it!
    Me : thanks for your time however
    Chereez : It is a pleasure.
    Me : bye!
    Chereez : Thank you for using our live chat support and enjoy your day further, goodbye!
  6. Jan 24, 2007
  7. mikepipe

    mikepipe Dormant account

    still progressing
    Congratulations, you had their live support on the phone!

    well- it s a pity, but i didnt expect anything else from them.
    i have good experiences with flushing withdrawals at jackpot factory and trident. (both after "having built up a history with them" - that was , what they told me, when i wanted flushing after my first deposit).
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  8. Jan 24, 2007
  9. thetic

    thetic Dormant account

    Project Manager
    Rep on the forum confirmed this policy and reasons behind it;

    Hi Stuart (my surname, sometimes people get confused when you have 2 names that could be used as first or last names. For future reference my name is Graeme Stuart so would expect any replies to be either to Graeme or to Mr Stuart! ;) )

    I am afraid that this is correct. The flush option was withdrawn a long time ago as it became standard practice for players to simply withdraw and flush, thus putting out systems under severe pressure. We made a policy decision to remove the facility to make sure that all withdrawals took place in an orderly fashion.

    Best regards,

  10. Jan 24, 2007
  11. me_and_ed

    me_and_ed Ueber Meister CAG MM

    Selling out
    Vegas Partner still flushes, as well as 32Red, there are quite a few that do, I play at these due to the fact that I cannot always control my reversals.
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  12. Jan 24, 2007
  13. winbig

    winbig Keep winning this amount.

    Yep, they basically lied to you by saying that it's totally automated and that they cannot bypass it. As said above, there's plenty of MG casinos that will gladly flush your account.
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  14. Jan 24, 2007
  15. mucullus

    mucullus Experienced Member

    I don't understand this logic. What is the difference if the withdrawal first enters a 24 hour hold period where nothing happens or enters the processing queue immediately? It has to be processed either way.

    Also, "it became standard practice for players to simply withdraw and flush" sound like players are asking the casino for a favour when they want their withdrawals processed in a timely manner. Come on, your systems are capable of processing all the deposits without delay, the same should apply to the (fewer) withdrawals.
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  16. Jan 25, 2007
  17. RobWin

    RobWin closed account

    Who knows?
    A Vault!

    John, if you read this thread, read the highlighted RED Quote above.


    Jeeze, some of the F*c*ing answers online player's get is absolutely amazing.
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  18. Jan 25, 2007
  19. brianzz

    brianzz Dormant account

    under severe pressure, that's laughable, who does this idiot think he's kidding.

    I guess the accounting department can only process one payout per hour and this hour is already taken up. Give me a break, like there's so many cashouts at the same time the payout computer may explode.

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