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Oct 2, 2006
Hi all,

This being my first post I'm a little sheepish to even post this. However, I feel I must. I recently signed up at Winward Casino for a Real Money Account and received the $15 no deposit welcome bonus. I can try a casino out with $15. I went on an extremely lucky string and raised my total to $175! I contacted support and was told that I had fulfilled the wagering requirements and that I needed to email/fax my documents in. I did this last Monday, and I was told by a representative that everything was good to go. They only process withdrawals on Monday so I waited until today. The max cashout was $150 and they charged a $10 service charge. I was told by a rep to set my cash-out to $160 and so I did. Today, I received an e-mail telling me that my withdrawal had been declined because I hadn't fulfilled the requirements. I log into my account and strangely enough I have $2 in my bonus account. Now, I'm still confused as to how that occurred, so I contact support again. They tell me that I must have a bonus balance of $0 before requesting a cash-out. How do I achieve this I ask. You must first use your cash balance before you can begin to use your bonus balance. ???!!!???? WTF? I have wagered several hundred dollars and only wagered $13 of my bonus account, how can this be. Also, they said I must send them a copy of my utility bill and photo id.

I then forwarded them a copy of the email I sent them last week and included a transcript of my chat that said my cash-out would be processed. They still "have not received them."

I began to do some research on these forums and find that Winward is a very reputable site, but a very similar thing has occurred before with someone else. The only difference is that I'm not wagering anymore of the money until I get some answers--I don't want to risk losing it.

Should I just accept the fact that Winward has no intention of paying me, or what should I do?

Thanks for all your help and advice.
Winward Casino Problems update

Noted in my previous message was the fact that I still had money in my bonus account to clear. I found how to clear it. I bet half of my money on red on the roulette wheel, and half of it on black. It worked perfectly. I then contacted the casino again to find out if everything was a go, and was told that I hadn't fulfilled the wagering requirements. I then had to cut and paste a transcript of 2 different chat session where two different operators had informed me I had fulfilled the wagering requirements. At this point the operator told me that I was correct and that my payout would be processed on Monday, October 9. I then asked her if it would be accepted, and she replied simply, "Yes."

Kimberly: Yes, you complete the requirements for free money
Kimberly: But you will need to complete the wagering criteria
you: What do you mean?
Kimberly: You will need to wager $295 more
Kimberly: In order to complete the wagering requirements for free money
you: ok, i have transcripts from two different chat sessions telling me that I had already fulfilled the wagering requirements
you: why did they suddenly change?
Kimberly: May I have the date and the name of the operator please?
you: hold one moment please
you: ok, on October 2 Andrea said, and I quote, "You already met the wagering criteria"
Kimberly: Please hold one moment.
you: on September 26 David told me the same thing
you: ok, i'll hold
Kimberly: As per our records Dave and Andrea explained you all the rules stated into our website
Kimberly: But they never mentioned you complete the requirements
you: i have proof that they did
you: i just proved it to you
Kimberly: Ok, I apologize for the misunderstanding you are correct, you already complete the criteria
you: thank you
Kimberly: Your payout request will be processed on Monday as per the rules stated into our website
you: ok, then it will be accepted?
Kimberly: Yes
you: ok, thank you
you: have a great day

Therefore, as you must understand, I was pretty excited Monday morning to check and see when my funds would arrive. (This has been going on long enough.) Much to my dismay I had been declined--again. I contacted support and was told that I could only withdraw $150 as per their policy. Here's a transcript of a chat session dated September 25.

you: so do i withdraw $150, and then you subtract the $10?
you: or do I withdraw $140?
David: $160
David: So you remain with $150
you: ok, good
you: thank you

Now, in this chat session it is abundantly clear to me that I should withdraw $160 and their $10 fee would be deducted. However, today Steve told me that no, I could only withdraw $150. Submit it for $150 and it would be processed Monday. So, I have to wait another week. If (and I'm not holding my breath) my withdrawal gets approved next Monday, I will have tolerated 4 weeks of waiting, ambigious rules, contradictory representatives, and basically a classic bait-and-switch. Needless to say I'm not recommending Winward Casino to anybody and will never play here again. Yes, I was planning in putting some of my own money in, but I certainly won't now.
I have made 2 cash outs of $407 (first one in September, 2nd a week ago) and both were canceled for an unknown reason.

Their website asks for Neteller number to be sent to them, which I have now 2 times, but still they havent contacted me and given me an explanation for the cancellations. Not very promising so far.
I have made 2 cash outs of $407 (first one in September, 2nd a week ago) and both were canceled for an unknown reason.

Their website asks for Neteller number to be sent to them, which I have now 2 times, but still they havent contacted me and given me an explanation for the cancellations. Not very promising so far.

I think you have to fax/email your documents to them. My cash out was also reversed last monday and then I did go to live support, which told me that I will have to email them photocopies of my utility bill and passport to receive my cash outs (next monday).
My resolution

I finally received my money this past Monday--over a month since I should have gotten it. My advice to others having problems--keep on top of them. Ask them specific questions in chat why you didn't receive your money. However, it sounds to me like the beginning of bigger problems for Winward since others are having identical problems. Hopefully they can get it straightened out before they get rogued.
I'm having more or less the same problems right now...they rejected my first withdrawal claiming not to have neteller information...I responded with neteller info and just sent them my id/utility bills even though they didn't ask.

The response then was that my withdrawal was rejected since I didn't meet the wagering requirements which are a far cry from the ones in place when I deposited and submitted my withdrawal, and not that they had insufficient neteller information.

What was real cute was that the email he responded to me with still had their original email in it that mentioned nothing about not meeting requirements.

I have sent them a polite but firm response and I'll see how it goes from there...good luck to everyone else.
Where did you get the idea that this casino was reputable? You would have saved yourself some trouble if you didn't play there in the first place as they often behave like this.
I took advantage of the good old 100% up to 500 Winward sticky bonus where Blackjack was allowed. I had a heck of a time getting my money from these guys, but they did finally pay me today. Best to stay on top of these guys, and make sure to save EVERY chat transcript you have with them.

They paid me, but I don't think I'd play with them again. I've sent three emails to their support team and each of them bounced (mailbox full error which means they aren't dealing with their emails or helping their clients. Fortunately, they at least have live support chat.

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