Winning percentages vs card odds


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Nov 15, 2004
Parma, IT
I was wondering which information is more valuable: winning percentages or card odds?
In a particular gaming moment, an odds calculator (like will tell you the chances for you to win the hand, by analyzing the distribution of cards at that moment. But the software sees all cards, and you only see your pocket cards and the board cards. Now, if you calculate somehow the chances for achieving certain card formations, a different information is taken into account (own hole cards + board). The same information stands for calculating your opponents chances of achieving something.
At a first view, it seems that winning percentages are rough results.
I recently got an excellent odds ebook (from It tells you all odds involved (any card formation for own hand and for opponents) and the entire math behind the game. But I cant use it in the middle of an online game because of time. Memorizing all the results is out of question and even following the tables for certain parameters would take a lot of time. Anyone knows a software based on those formulas?
So, my question is: which is the best odds strategy following the winning percentages or comparing the card odds? If second, how we can do this in the middle of the game?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Speaking as a low limit player (1/2 and 2/4) I find the best tool is pokertracker. Once youve got 3-4000 players in there you can see who bluffs, who is a rock, calling station etc.. and then playing your hand accordingly.

Pokertracker has been invaluable to me and my profits!!

Before I used it I tried to keep notes on the loosest players and it was hard to sort them and use.

I know pot odds are important but knowing your opponant is say a bluffer or a rock, pot odds go out the window sometimes :D

Just my 2c
Pokertracker has been invaluable to me and my profits!!

I must 100% agree, and now it works at almost any room you would play.

As for odds you need a quick math mind and experience. I would say odds are more important, who cares what % you win, its the amount of money unless I misunderstood the question.

Fish like to win more hands (and end up paying more rake) winning players just like to win money.

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