William Hill promo screwup


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Mar 18, 2013
Leeds, UK
Hey all, I received an e-mail from william hill offering me an amazing deal, as below...

Hey xxx,
Account: xxx
William Hill Casino Club is preparing an incredible 500% welcome bonus for you!

You have never received a larger bonus!

On your first deposit of £20 , receive an unbelievable £50 bonus today!

That means £50 extra free cash for you!

Colin Best regards,
Colin Cole-Johnson
Casino Manager, [email protected]

.... Spot the problem? I suspected it must be fraudulent, william hill wouldn't make such an obvious mistake afterall would they? Support confirmed the offer was genuine but could not understand why I thought there was anything amiss. I asked if £50 was the max bonus, or if I would receive £100 if I deposited £20, or if I could just deposit £10 to receive £50 bonus ... the reply was: "you must deposit £20 because the maximum bonus is £50" ... sigh. Haven't decided yet whether to deposit the £20 or not - what would you do? Do you think they should honour the 500%? Or is it okay as the £20/£50 are both stated... ?


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May 3, 2010
british columbia
just wait......

holy crap! I would just wait.......if you won a jackpot after meeting wagering requirements the lawyers would be all over you....misprint promo or not!

lol what I mean is they will find that it is your fault.....one way or the other