William Hill casinos lowering RTP

It would certainly explain UKGC decisions in the past few years - because they're not rational! :laugh:

Hah, to me the logic behind that rule is to allow players to deposit more so they can potentially leave everything in there. Otherwise, if you win from your £100 deposit limit say 1k the casino won't be able to get this money back because your limit won't allow more deposits.

But see what AI says lol...

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So the WH "Safer Gambling Team" who signed the email, are confirming that all customers will be less safe by this change but will "make it easier for our customers to stay in control" 🤡 .
This has started rolling out in recent days - they're still standing by the 🤡 tagline of "We're making it easier for you to stay in control". While they are at least explaining how it works to customers - they reassure customers that "no action [is] needed from your end."

Naturally, no mention of customers being allowed to set gross deposit limits (and looking through the help, it doesn't appear to be an option for those that want it) - even though that feature is still available to non-UK customers...
Wondering what the heck RTP is? Find out here at Casinomeister.

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