WILLIAM HILL CASINO? worth playing at?..............


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I just received an players disk from Williams Hill casino. Is this a good trusted, good customer support and will pay on time or pay at all casino? I will appreciate any information you or Mary could provide before I start depositing at this casino. thanks guys :yes:


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Yes, go ahead and play. Good solid casino. Rarely have I had a complaint about slow payments or whatever. Uses Crytologic and is associated with the real "William Hill" casinos in the UK.


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Go for it. Have fun. Established British land operation, Cryptologic software.

Absolutely dead on solid A-list. :yes:


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I'd like to add my own experience with William Hill.

I just discovered online casinos a few weeks ago, and in the beginning I really wondered how safe they would be. William Hill came across as a professional and trustworthy business with a good reputation (this site has been most helpful in getting a clear picture about how safe many of these online casinos are!). I enjoy playing there, software looks great and efficient customer service too.