why is English harbor not taking any new players


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Dec 20, 2009
sorry if i missed this topic before but i just noticed it

First I heard of this................have been playing there for quite awhile, but not lately. I am gonna log in and see if they will let me play.



Oct 26, 2008
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Jul 5, 2003
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All existing players can continue to play, no new players can join.

They are closing down to new traffic but if you are already signed up you can continue to play.

It has to do with processing - they can continue to pay players that are already established with them, but they do not have a processor that will accept new accounts.

So they decided to wait it out, continue to take good care of existing players and not risk going down the slippery slope of using questionable processors.

I think it's a good decision, it protects their ability to pay players despite the continuing issues the US is experiencing.

Be very careful signing up to new US facing places, make sure you check rogue lists, it's more important now than ever. With the choices dwindling for the US, a criminal element is starting to try to step in as always happens with any prohibition.

Don't sign up to casinos that spam you. Be careful of affiliate sites also, many will be looking to replace English Harbour with other US facing casinos and some of these choices may not be good for players. Good choices are dwindling...

Do your home work, use affiliate sites you know will protect you and don't list rogues, try to stick with the casinos you already play. It's a slippery slope already out there for US players, and it's only going to get worse.

The only way out of this mess for US players is regulation - write to your congress and house representatives and your president and tell them you want to play online and you want protection and regulation. Elections are coming up soon, both parties will take notice.