Whos the best web submission site?


Crazy Cat Lady
I want to submit my site, and it has been a few years since I have done this.
Things have changed, wow now they have a website rating system in points?
Wish I would have never sold my old site,lol It was listed everywhere.

Anway, who is the best submission service now that will get you in
the paid sites the fastest? I think I used submit express years ago,
it was cheap and fast. Back then you were manualy submitted, but I dont think they do that anymore.




Winter is Coming!
The best way and by far the most reliable and quickest way to get your website indexed by the search engines, is to ask a webmaster in your field to place a link to your site, on an indexed page on their website. Alternatively if you have another website already indexed by the Search Engines, just add a link to the site you want indexed on that site.

I personally wouldn't bother using the submit tools and facilities available on the web. They one cost you money and are not reliable. I have several websites ( 20 + ) which are all indexed - send me a pm with your website url and if your site is not using any underhand seo tactics, I'll give you a link from one of the link pages :)