Who made this software?


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Jun 24, 2001
Anyone know who made the softeware used by Sands of Carribean and Omni Casino?

The Blackjack table has got this red/green sensor that scans the dealer's second card for Blackjacks and the dealer has this knack of slicing its finger across the card and flip it over.

What other casinos use this software?
That would be Cryptologic. They power a bunch of casinos, many carrying the Jackpot Mania high-win progressive 'Rags to Riches' which is currently sitting at around $290K!
But complaints about this software have been posted on this forum. They don't deal a fair hand of blackjack, I placed them on my not-recommended list on my website.
i've only played for a little while, but so far I've done better than I expected with their blackjack games.

I find this one the best of all the gambling software

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