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Oct 4, 2006
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Lately I have been low rolling and doing quite well playing in the MG casinos. What I want to know is where do I find the bonuses when I am not a newcomer to their casino?

For instance just now I loaded Lucky Nugget and they are having a promotion giving a 100% matching bonus. I deposited $75.00 and now have over $200.00. Of that I can cashout around $165.00.

They are also giving away 100 free spins on their GiftRap slot if you spin 1000 credits. I am sure I met that already since I was playing King Cashalot. It is being very generous today. I have hit the dragon feature at least six times.

I could stay at Lucky Nugget and play for a few more hours or so. Or should I meet my WR and move on? Right now I am not using any monies from my checking account. Simply playing with what I have coming to my Neteller account so I need to stretch each dollar for all its worth. :lolup:

Where do I go to find my next bonus? I have accounts probably at every casino out there. In 2001 I played a lot!!!!! :D

Thanks for all your great advice past and future!!!! :notworthy
I love the way you put that. :lolup:

Hotmail is always on so I know when the tide is coming in. Don't get much from the MGs. Mostly from RTGs.

Same here. I'm a low roller, especially since March. I just don't get much in the way of bonus offers anymore. RTGs, yeah -- but I'm leary of RTG bonuses (especially deposit free). Lucky Nugget throws me a nice bone every now and then. And King Nep sent me a very nice deposit match this week (first time in forever!) which I totally busted out and didn't hit squat. Villento emails the usual weekend cashback offer -- 25% up to $50. (Don't forget to claim it like I do. LOL) Grand Monaco was similar -- 20% I think -- but are they still doing that? Anything less than 50% doesn't pique my interest.

The Rival software 400 Group (DaVinci's, Paradise8, etc.) have a monthly 100% match.

The MG casinos where I deposited most of my money over the last 3 or 4 years either pissed me off (Grand Prive -- the feeling seems to be mutual) or dumped US players entirely (Mummys), so playing the last few months has been sort of like starting all over again. Except I'm losing so badly I don't deposit anywhere as much as I once did, and therefore I can't build much of a rep at the casinos. :rolleyes:
Villento and Grand Monaco both send me match promos about every week [ Monaco didn't give me a bday present so I am not thrilled with them right now ] I have a problem with Belle Rock group promotions ..I wish they would just make them easier and more understandable . I have won well at Lucky Nugget in the past though .
I think the best Microgaming regular promotions are with the Grand Prive group. If you are on their list, you will get several offers per week, most of which are better than the sign-on bonus. For example Jupiter used to send me a 100% match up to $300 each weekend. I haevn't figured out who gets "weekly" (actually more than once per week) offers and who does not. I used to get 1-2 offers per day in mid-late October, then the offers from the 5 main casinos suddenly stopped. I don't know if this relates to winning too much, living in the US, or as they claim randomly rotating who gets the bonuses. I had two bonus offers from Big Dollar this weekend. BD is the only GP that still sends me offers.

As others have mentioned Villento and Grand Monaco, send reguar bonus offers. The Grand Monaco offers that I receive are pathetic. I might get a big 10% match. Villento are better, generally a 33% match. I expect that higher quaility players get better bonuses than I do. Villento does send me other better offers from time to time. For example, they sent me a box of gourmet chocolates in the mail, then gave me a free (no deposit required) $50 to try out the new choclate factory game.

The Belle Rock UK monthly bonuses are good choices. Unfortunately they are only avaialable to persons in the UK. They have other decent offers from time to time. I played the Gift Rap promotion yesterday. After wagering 1000, I turned my $55 deposit to $100. I'm not exactly sure how the free spins will work, but it seems like a decent offer.

Jackpot Factory sends out offers each week. At one time, they sent me excellent bonuses. After being unbanned due to my gf having the same IP address, I've received poor offers, such as 10% cash back.

Golden Riviera group and Vegas Partner grop offer a 12.5% bonus on all deposits.

The Roxy/Splendido group sends me regular offers, which are generally worse than all of the above. I expect higher qualit players get better offers.

I rarely get any quality offers from Fortune Longe, Casino Rewards, or Casino Action/CPS. However, some players on the forum do.

Of course, if you have not played the sign-on bonuses, then there are better offers than above.

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