Do you believe in beginner's luck?


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Mar 21, 2024
Hello, do you believe in beginner's luck?
I believe there is such a thing as beginner's luck because a long time ago when I started playing and made a deposit of €100 I made €3200 and that by playing just one game namely Dog House where I managed to get 3 bonuses one after another.
No such thing. Just an illusion of the mind IMO. All games are weighted in favour of the house. That is fact. All games have a set RTP percentage. Fact.

If you win when you start playing, that is purely random. Again, fact and borne out by the independent testing performed on the games.

So to suggest there is such a thing as 'beginners luck', is not factual. I am firmly of the view there is no such thing as luck.
This happens every time I join a new online casino or when I launch a game for the first time. You hit the bonus within 10 spins or so. This has happened way too many times for it to be a coincidence, and many have confirmed the same experience. Don't worry, though it's all random, honest.

I put it down to the weighted RNG system. When you join a casino the RNG weight is somewhere in the middle, but as you play, make deposits / withdrawals, the RNG weight shifts more in favour of the casino.
The human mind like to find patterns in everything, even when they don't exist. Beginners luck is a fallacy, as are all gambling superstitions etc.

I joined a new casino yesterday and was hoping for some of that sweet, sweet new customer RTP. My balance was rinsed before long...
I'm 100% certain when you join up they give you very good results to get you hooked.

My first 10 fruit party, 5 paid a profit, the next 10, 4 paid a profit. Anyway I did 34 buys tonight and had 34 loses

Sugar rush, exactly the same

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