whats the most anyone has won in a free roll


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$2. :D I have only ever played at Attheracescasino Poker Room when it started up and there were several freeroll tournaments a day and once I lucked out. Considering that hardly know anything about poker, except that I am not good enough to play for real money, I think I have done well.


The most I ever won was $500. Startup poker rooms often offer WSOP or WPT freerolls where the prize package is worth $11,000-$12,000. Last year Pokerworld sent several people to the WSOP from these freerolls.


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Came 4th at one of the cryptos to win ..... NOTHING. played for 5 hours, was chip leader until AA and JJ got busted :( :(


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YuraK said:
$250 4th at bet365poker.

nafanny29, did you deposit? AFAIK you should deposit to get freeroll money.
I deposit and play on all the cryptos all the time. Very rarely play their freerolls, usually only the William Hill one on a Sat night. I prefer to enter a 10/20 350 players one and if I make the final table I know im gonna be getting decent for my 3/4 hours of effort.


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lucky nuget/ the gaming club and river belle run a new player freeroll 5k every two weeks . the 3 sites share the same players for this freeroll , usually around 500to600. you can join the three seperately and thus get three goes at the freeroll(wait till youve played one before joining another). I finished eight at Luc Nug and got $200 and sixth at riv bell $300. you can withdraw no probs . these are a good way to get a bankroll started. If anybody knows of other prima sites who share this freeeroll let me know. :thumbsup:


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I don't know of the past but Poker333 is having a $5000 Freeroll the 12th of March. This will boil down to a 1st place win of about $750.